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About Us

We are Virtual Mirror, an independent studio devoted to creating great games for gamers, and professional tools for developers.


We love playing games and making games is our passion.
We make the games that we like to play and we hope you’ll like them too.

Our current game selection is small, but fear not as we’re always working on new and interesting titles.

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As we all know making video games is a challenging task.
Great tools can help you focus on the creative side of game development and less on the frustrating side.

As we develop our games we find ourselves in need for tools to help with this challenge and when we can’t find them, we make them.



Introducing WeavR, the next step in 3D game art creation

We are proud to announce newest project, WeavR. WeavR (pronounced “Weaver”) is a full-featured 3D art creation toolset, integrated into the Unity® Editor. It gives artists and designers the tools to create 3D content right inside their game editing environment.
BeholdR 3.2

BeholdR 3.2 is out

We have just released BeholdR 3.2, our biggest update yet. BeholdR 3.2 includes many new features such as automatic discovery of Image Effects, web-based version checking and much improved UI.

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